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India medical tourism

  Medical Tourism In India
  Industry White Papers  
    Deloitte Center for Health Solutions - Survey of Health Care Consumers Executive Summary - 2008
    Mapping the Market for Medical Travel - McKinsey Report - May 2008
    AMA - Medical Tourism Guidelines - June 2008
    Medical Tourism: Global Competition in Health Care - NCPA Policy Report - Nov 2007
    AOS News - New Medical Malpractice Insurance Product for the Medical Tourism Industry - August 2007
    Medical Travel Outside the U.S. - AMA Report June 2007
    Does Health Insurance Impede Trade in Health Care Services? Health Insurance Report 2005 - Aaditya Mattoo & Randeep Rathindran - World Bank
    Medical Tourism: The Ultimate Outsourcing by Joseph Marlowe, Senior Vice President, and Paul Sullivan, Assistant Vice President
    Medical Tourism: Implications for Participants in the U.S. Health Care System - MedPharma Partners, LLC








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