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Equipped with the most advanced micro-surgical techniques to deal with complex spine and brain conditions, the medical service providers offer superior Endoscopic facilities and Neuro-navigation. With an experienced team of surgeons, the hospitals associated with Heal & Wheel are also backed by the most comprehensive imaging facilities and neuro-diagnostic services. You have the options for the following:

  1. Diagnostic equipment such as ENMG, EEG, and Video-monitoring along with 1.5 Tesla MRI and 64-Slice CT Scan.
  2. The state-of-the-art Neurosurgery sections have the neuro-navigation facility, semi-robotic microscopes, spinal and cranial endoscopy, CT and MRI compatible stereotaxy for functional neurosurgery, so on and so forth.

The various procedures supported are as follows:
Spinal Surgery:

  1. Endoscopic discectomy
  2. Microscopic lumbar discectomy or decompression
  3. Spinal decompression with or without fusion
  4. Microscopic anterior cervical discectomy
  5. Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
  6. Endoscopic fusion of spine

Degenerative Disc Disease

  1. Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
  2. Spinal deformity correction and stabilization
  3. Minimally-invasive spinal fusion and advanced instrumentation
  4. Endoscopic fusion of spine
  5. Total disc replacement surgery

Osteoporosis of the Spine

  1. Spondylolisthesis
  2. Vertebroplasty
  3. Posterior spinal instrumentation
  4. Kyphoplasty

Curvature within the spine- Scoliosis/Kyphosis

  1. Posterior correction of Scoliosis or Kyphosis with instrumentation
  2. Thoracoscopic deformity correction

Additional Spine Surgeries:

  1. Spine Trauma
  2. Tuberculosis of Spine - Thoracoscopic Spinal Surgery with Para spinal abscess drainage
  3. Spine Tumor Surgery

Brain Surgeries

  1. Endoscopic Brain Surgery
  2. Brain Trauma Surgery
  3. Epilepsy Brain Surgery
  4. Microsurgery for Brain Tumors
  5. Trans Nasal Endoscopic Brain Tumor Removal
  6. Skull Base Surgery
  7. Craniofacial Surgery with FMS (Facio-Maxillary Surgery)
  8. Congenital Cranial Deformity
  9. Brain Surgery for Blood Clot Removal
  10. Stereotactic Brain Surgery for Functional Neurosurgery and Tumor
  11. Neuro-endovascular/Interventional Therapy for Cerebro-vascular Diseases and Tumor
  12. Abnormal Blood Vessels Brain Surgery



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