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Minimally invasive Spine Laminoplasty

Cervical laminoplasty or spinal laminoplasty is performed to decompress, or remove the pressure, from a spinal cord that is compressed by the buildup of bone spurs, discs or ligaments in the cervical spine.

It is commonly performed for patients who have cervical myelopathy. A cervical myelopathy is a compressed spinal cord which may lead to various symptoms, including clumsiness of the arms, imbalance walking, numbness or weakness, etc. The laminoplasty is usually done in patients who have spinal cord compression arising from multiple different spinal levels

Spine Laminoplasty in India

To perform a spine laminoplasty first the doctor will make an incision on the back of the neck. The muscles are then retracted to allow for access to the spine. At each level requiring surgery, an “opening” is created on one side of the lamina. On the other side of the lamina, a “hinge” is created by thinning

  Spine Laminoplasty in India

the bone but not removing it completely.  This then allows us to “open” the lamina by lifting up on the open side. The procedure thus increases the space available for the spinal cord to pass through. In order to insure that the space created by repositioning the lamina remains open, we may use "mini-plates" of titanium or bone to hold the opening in position.


Advantages of undergoing cervical laminoplasty in India

Laminoplasty is not suitable for all patients. Doctors in India would assess the use of Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures where ever they may be appropriate. Indian doctors have good experience in the area of cervical disease treatment.


The major advantage of laminoplasty over other non-fusion alternatives is that laminoplasty better preserves the normal alignment of the neck. This may have benefits over time in terms of preventing recurring compression on the spinal cord or the development of abnormal neck curvature.

Laminoplasty Spine Surgery in India  

Minimally invasive spine surgery generally results in the same surgical outcome as with more traditional techniques. However, there are potential advantages to minimally invasive techniques. These advantages are that it leads to reduced operative times and less soft tissue damage, as a result of reduced muscle retraction. Surgeons also ensure that the surgical incisions be less painful. It leads to reduction in blood loss and faster recovery with less post-operative pain. Minimal invasive surgery also ensures shortened hospital stays and smaller incision can make scarring less noticeable and cosmetically more pleasing.

Heal & Wheel India’s role in your surgical trip …

Before coming to India for the surgery you will be in constant communication with our expert panel of surgeons here in India, They will advise you to lose weight if you are overweight. Every minute detail will be taken care off before and after the surgery for example placing things within reach in your house, usage of raised toilet seats, shower table etc.

Heal & Wheel understands your emotional needs as much as your physical ones. Thus what we work hard to provide is peace of mind. With significant experience and expertise in medical procedures. Heal and Wheel ensures you best quality medical treatment at most competitive prices coupled with the best recuperation vacation. We have tied up with the best in the Indian healthcare industry and deal only with internationally reputed experienced doctors with brilliant professional case histories.

We understand that security and hygiene are your utmost concerns. We have taken measures to ensure you the most hygienic and secure environs while you are with us in India. Heal and wheel is also famous for its excellent pre and post treatment follow up patient care services. We keep all your information confidential while closely following HIPAA standards. We remain in constant communication with your doctor back at home, both before and after your surgery in India.





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