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Laparoscopic Surgery India


Laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery) is a surgery performed in the abdomen through small incisions of sizes normally 0.5 cm. These surgeries use images on TV monitors for magnification of surgical elements.


India has world class technology for laparoscopic surgeries

Most surgeries in India are performed using advanced digital laparoscopes which are attached to fiber optic cable systems. In particular, the success of laproscopic cholecystectomy procedures in India is overwhelming with surgeons, well trained and experienced to carry out the most advanced procedures like the "Da Vinci" system which uses play station type controls to manipulate the devices and the "Bonati" System which uses a 5-function control so that the saline solution and the vacuum pump operate together when the laser cutter is activated. A camera and light provide feedback to the surgeon, who sees the enlarged surgical elements on a TV monitor.

Laparoscopic Surgery India

In India, Surgeries with near 100 percent success rates have been performed, using four incisions of only 0.5-1.0 cm to remove gallbladder, as opposed to a minimum 20 cm incision traditionally, elsewhere.

All these technical advances lead to reduced pain due to smaller incisions; shorter recovery times and they leave very small scars after surgery. You should be able to go back to regular activities in about one week.


Surgeries that are done laproscopically:

Adrenal gland removal, Appendectomy, Biopsy of abdominal organs, Colectomy, Ectopic pregnancy surgery, Fibroid tumor removal, Gallbladder or gallstone removal, Hernia repair, Hysterectomy, Lysis of adhesions in abdomen and Tubal ligation

Laparoscopic Surgery in India  

Possible Complications…
Complications are very rare. If you are planning to have a laparoscopy In India, Surgeon will review a list of possible complications, which may include infection, bleeding, damage to blood vessels or organs


Will the Surgery Hurt?
Anesthesia will prevent pain during the procedure. Patients may have some soreness for a couple of days during recovery. Doctors would provide you with pain medicine to help manage pain if required. You may have pain in your shoulder from the gas. This can last up to four days.

Heal Wheel India’s role in your surgical trip …

Heal & Wheel understands your emotional needs just as a patient does. Thus what we essentially provide is peace of mind. With significant experience and expertise in the medical tourism industry, Heal and Wheel ensures you best quality medical treatment at most competitive prices. We have tied up with the best in the Indian healthcare industry and deal only with internationally reputed experienced doctors with brilliant case history and clean record of accomplishment.

We understand that security and hygiene are your utmost concerns. We have taken measures to ensure you most hygienic and secure environs while you are in India. Heal and wheel is also famous for its excellent pre and post treatment follow up services. We keep all your information confidential while closely following HIPAA standards. We are in constant communication with your doctor in your native land, before and after your surgery in India.




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Surprisingly low costs on medical services, despite high-quality available in India. One of the cheapest in Asia. There is no compromise on quality due to the low rates. 

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