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Infertility Treatment

Having a child becomes an issue for one out of every six couples. About 90% conceive in the first two years but the remaining requires assistance through surgeries or conception procedures. Infertility is an issue that might become a matter of grave concern in the lives of happy couples. Before you commit yourself emotionally or financially to an infertility treatment you must address a couple of self-initiated questions.

- How to and where I can start?
- What is the success rate of an infertility treatment?
- Which is the best location for this?
- What will be the cost incurred?
- What kind of treatments is offered?
- Will I get support and counseling?

Infertility equals one year of unprotected sex without pregnancy. Infertility is mainly of three kinds.
Primary infertility: This is the case wherein there has been no pregnancy before
Secondary infertility: In this case the couple has had one issue prior to the condition of inability to reproduce.
Sterility: This is the condition wherein the couple is completely unable to bear a child.

The most common conditions that require treatment are as follows:

  1. Egg quality and quantity problems
  2. Sperm issues
  3. Inexplicable infertility
  4. Ovulation problems
  5. Fertility and female age issues
  6. Tubal infertility

There are other problems as well like:

  1. Infertility due to immunological problems
  2. Previous tubal ligation surgery - tied tubes
  3. Infertility and endometriosis
  4. Infertility and Uterine problems
  5. Previous vasectomy surgery

India offers various treatments for infertility. The treatments have been listed below:

  1. In vitro fertilization - IVF
  2. IVF with blastocyst transfer
  3. Egg donation - IVF using donor eggs
  4. Hysteroscopy for infertility
  5. Laparoscopy for infertility
  6. Insemination - IUI
  7. Donor sperm insemination
  8. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection - ICSI
  9. Assisted hatching
  10. Tubal surgery for damaged or blocked fallopian tubes
  11. Ovarian stimulation
  12. Induction of ovulation for infertility


However, you must be completely comfortable of the surrounding where you treat yourself, be it the staff, the doctors, the food provided, so on and so forth. Heal & Wheel is transparent about the cost because we know you would not run across the globe to feel cheated.




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