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Dental Surgery India


India is being increasingly recognized as a perfect destination to handle all types of dental and cranio facial implant treatment. India attracts thousands of overseas patients from around the world as a result of the quality and affordability


of the implant treatment imparted to its patients. Indian clinics have an overwhelming success rate that surpasses the global success rates in implant dentistry.


As a patient seeking dental care there are many priorities like best facility and clinic, high tech equipments, top notch service and professionalism, As a patient seeking dental care there are many priorities like best facility and clinic, high tech equipments, top notch service and professionalism, quality, painless dentistry, value packed dental care packages etc and we ensure you that none of these would be compromised even to a slight degree.

Dental Surgery India

Though the cost of undergoing a dental surgery in India is relatively very cheap – this affordability factor does not in any way overshadow the superlative quality of treatment India offers.

All over collaborating doctors in India have a remarkable resume and excellent track record having worked as a senior specialist in various centers of excellence around the world. Intraoral camera, ultrasonic scaler, air abration unit, light curing unit, rotary endodontic system, electrocautery etc are some of the equipments used in India for dental surgeries.


India specializes in implants and rehabilitation surgeries.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

After a careful examination and diagnosis of patient’s dental condition complete rehabilitation for teeth and associated structures is performed to optimize their quality, functions and other aesthetics.


Complex Dental Implant Treatment: Complex dental treatment, which involves replacing complete teeth in one or both the jaws, is carried out with proficiency in India. Crowns and conventional bridges or dentures may not be your only options



Dental Surgery in India


when replacing missing teeth. For some people, dental implants offer a smile that looks and feels very natural. Implants fuse to the jawbone and serve as a base for individual replacement teeth, bridges or a denture.


Candidates for dental implants need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant.A thorough evaluation by your dentist will help determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants. Dental implants are solutions to any of the below situations - missing tooth, missing complete

lower/upper teeth, loose dentures, loose natural teeth, teeth loose due to gum infection etc. Implants offer stability because they fuse to your bone. Integration of the implants into your jaw also helps your replacement teeth feel more natural and some people also find the secure fit more comfortable than conventional substitutes.


Heal Wheel India’s role in your surgical trip …

Heal & Wheel understands your emotional needs just as a patient does. Thus what we essentially provide is peace of mind. With significant experience and expertise in the medical tourism industry, Heal and Wheel ensures you best quality medical treatment at most competitive prices. We have tied up with the best in the Indian healthcare industry and deal only with internationally reputed experienced doctors with brilliant case history and clean record of accomplishment.

We understand that security and hygiene are your utmost concerns. We have taken measures to ensure you most hygienic and secure environs while you are in India. Heal and wheel is also famous for its excellent pre and post treatment follow up services. We keep all your information confidential while closely following HIPAA standards. We are in constant communication with your doctor in your native land, before and after your surgery in India.




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Cost and Quality  

Surprisingly low costs on medical services, despite high-quality available in India. One of the cheapest in Asia. There is no compromise on quality due to the low rates. 

Great Hospitality  

A country of traditions and hospitality, India welcomes you to the lap of healing and rejuvenation. A red-carpet welcome awaiting you as we think our guests are most important. 

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India is one of the finest destinations for holidaying too. Enjoy the lush green of Kerala, the golden yellow of Thar, dazzling white of the Himalayas and much more.