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Medical tourism in India terms is the provision of cost-effective private medical care for the patients requiring surgical >>

Heal & Wheel India understanding the pains and emotional needs of people coming from abroad to get weight loss surgery in India >>

Medical tourism in India far exceeds than many other nations in the world in terms of highly trained doctors, superior medical facilities >>

Welcome to Heal & Wheel

Heal & Wheel extends a warm welcome to everyone seeking quality, affordable medical treatment in India, incorporated within a therapeutic convalescence package. Excellent medical treatments using the latest and best medical technologies at affordable prices makes India an ideal destination for millions across the globe. As you travel all the way to India for essential surgery may seem daunting at first, but once you sit back and consider the benefits of combining quality treatment with low costs and a fascinating vacation you will soon see why so many patients are opting for medical toursim in India – the best option. Besides providing optimum medical facilities, Heal & Wheel will also arrange for tours to different parts of the country or a one location vacation to make your journey and recovery even more worthwhile.

Heal & Wheel facilitates the connection between India’s internationally reputed hospitals and you (our patient and client) . The Service that Heal and Wheel offers is essentially ‘Peace of Mind’. We take care of all of your needs in India so you can focus entirely on healing yourself at lightning speed. While with us we will treat you as our extended family While you are in India, we do our best to make you feel right at home.

Our expertise and experience in the medical industry provide you with only the best possible health solution at an astonishing price. India, being a hub of expert medical treatments, earns many accolades due to its chain of excellent healthcare centers and highly qualified and experienced doctors. When it comes to medical aid we know what you want and expect i.e. the best possible treatment and doctors. Heal & Wheel ensures you reach them at significantly lower costs.

Enjoy 'First World Health Care at Third World Prices' in India.

We believe a speedy recovery is directly related to your peace of mind. Heal & Wheel provides you the opportunity to enjoy treatment and a period of vacational convalescence in the same package.


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Cost of CABG in India
Cost of Fibroid treatment in India
Cost of Cochlear Implant in India
  Cost  Comparison (US $) of Procedures Performed in India vs Other Countries**
Knee Replacement   55,000   9,150   14,700 9,800   40,000   10,900   12,000   11,400
Hip Replacement   57,000   7,200   13,900   12,000   46,000   11,400   7,800   12,900
Lap. Gastric Bypass   52,000   9,400   11,200   16,200   30,100   10,400   12,800   12,800
Face Lift   16,000   4,780   11,200   7,400   12,000   5,200   6,600   5,300
Heart valve replacement with bypass   1,35,000   9,500   30,000   22,700   50,200   30,000   13,900   25,500
Heart Bypass   1,30,000   6,950   27,200   16,600   40,900   24,400   12,500   22,000
    Note: This is an indicative price which is subject to change depending on patient’s medical condition.
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Cost and Quality  

Surprisingly low costs on medical services, despite high-quality available in India. One of the cheapest in Asia. There is no compromise on quality due to the low rates. 

Great Hospitality  

A country of traditions and hospitality, India welcomes you to the lap of healing and rejuvenation. A red-carpet welcome awaiting you as we think our guests are most important. 

Indian Tourism

India is one of the finest destinations for holidaying too. Enjoy the lush green of Kerala, the golden yellow of Thar, dazzling white of the Himalayas and much more.